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We endeavor to uphold the highest standards of musicianship and artistry for ourselves and all those with whom and for whom we perform. To create art that truly moves, we must be steadfast in our study of the intricacies of expression.

We seek to be united among ourselves and as citizens of a global society, considering how our actions affect our corps family, our community, and our world.  We aspire to create a culture in which every person thrives as their authentic self. We are better together.

We aim to understand the supreme value in giving of oneself for the good of the whole, in selflessness over pride, and in paying forward the opportunities and energy so generously provided us by our friends, leaders, and elders.

We hope to be a leader within the marching arts community in terms of member, staff, and volunteer experience. We are communicative, honest, kind, and trustworthy. We hold ourselves accountable at every level in the fulfillment of these promises.

We strive to do what is right despite adversity, we celebrate boldness and innovation, and we persevere through challenges. We do not fear failure, because it is an opportunity to learn. We try, fail, learn, and try again, ever onward.


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