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While we are still uncertain about the summer of 2021, we will plan to take the field if DCI is able to safely host a drum corps season. Video auditions are now OPEN! For the first time in Shadow's history, ANYONE eligible to participate in DCI is now eligible for Shadow. 

This change is attributed to Shadow Marching Arts and Oregon School District collaborating to design an updated and mutually beneficial partnership, maintaining our roots in Oregon while simultaneously helping Shadow chart a course through the pandemic and into the future. 

You can register to video audition, OR register to just receive educational comments and a personal feedback video from a staff member, if you're unsure or would like some help on your journey. 

Fill out an INTEREST FORM to receive all the information you need to get started on your journey, then REGISTER for an educational feedback video or a video audition if you choose.

 All links to materials, social media accounts, Facebook audition groups, and more info can be found at

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