Oregon Five Core Values


- Musicianship -
We uphold the highest standards of musicianship for ourselves and all those with whom we perform. 

------ Unity ------
We are united among ourselves and as citizens of the world around us, considering how ALL of our

actions affect our band family, our school, our community, and our world. 

------ Sacrifice -----
We understand the supreme value in giving of oneself for the good of the whole.


------- Integrity -------
We adhere to high professional standards, knowing that when others can count on you, 

you will be able to count on them.

--------- Courage ---------
We do what is right despite adversity; we are bold and innovative, we finish what we start,

we "go 100%" in all that we do.



The Oregon Way


  • Respect:  Be respectful of all band family members at all times.  Be careful about how you interact with other members – having fun is okay but not when feelings are being hurt.  Respect the chaps, the staff, your equipment, the housing, other groups and corps, and your surroundings at all times.

  • Attendance:  Missing rehearsals for any reason is NOT allowed unless prearranged with the director.  If you are too ill or injured to attend rehearsal, the director will make a determination on whether or not you are fit to continue with the season.  As well, being late for any reason is also prohibited, and the consequences will be steep.  Habitual tardiness will result in removal from the performing ensemble for the rest of the season. 

  • “Corps Time”:  Any moment could be work time – be prepared at all times to get down to business quickly and without question.  Corps time is from wake up until about an hour before lights out.  No cell phones allowed during actual rehearsal.  If it is absolutely necessary, ask a staff member before you use your phone.   

  • Years:  With your years come some advantages – leadership by example, choice of bus seats, and eventually even the senior room and senior dinner.  You even have the responsibility to mentor and to teach other members what it truly is to be Oregon.  However, you do not have the right to PT other members or give unsolicited  instruction unless you are Cadre.

  • Student Leaders:  It is the duty of all members to respect the chain of command and follow all instructions that come from above.  At the top is Cadre, followed by Section Leaders, followed by all other members.  Only Cadre can give PT or issue standing orders.  Orders and PT will not be given across sections.   Section leaders are to carry out their Cadre’s orders, and bring any concerns from their sub-section to the Cadre, which may in turn be brought to the director.  Section leaders are the only members with the privilege of instructing other members on the rehearsal field. 

  • Chaps:  These are your parents when you are with the band.  They have every right to tell you what to do and you need to listen to them.  If you have a concern about their instructions, do as you’re told FIRST, and afterwards you can bring your concern to the director.  Also, a little kindness and appreciation will go a long way with these people who give up their summer to serve you.  Say “Thank You” whenever you get the chance.  CoRespect:mply with ALL lawful orders.

  • Dress Code:  All members will wear a minimum of a shirt, shorts, and shoes at all times.  Hats will also be worn at all outdoor rehearsals.  Staff reserves the right to relax the dress code when weather suggests.

  • AOD Policy:  Regardless of your age, alcohol and other drugs are absolutely forbidden at all rehearsals, events, and travel.  If you are found violating this policy, you are going home at your own expense.  Period.



  • Field etiquette:  All members should lead silently by example throughout all rehearsals.  Your section leader, Cadre, and staff are there to help you.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions (at appropriate times) and always respect the answers and instruction you receive.  Only section leaders have the privilege of instructing other members during rehearsal.

  • Work:  Practice the way you will perform.  Don’t worry about the next break or something that’s happening outside of rehearsal.  Breaks will come faster and longer the harder you work, and you’ll get a lot more out of your experience.  Also – “One Minute” means move your butt NOW.

  • Honor System:  You should never have to be told to knock out 5 or 10 pushups/crunches/etc. for making a mistake or getting called out from the box.  This is your responsibility each and every time.

  • Water:  Water is your lifeline.  You’ll have it with you at all times, you’ll fill your water jug every time it is empty, and you’ll drink as much as you can, every chance you get.  We may ask you to monitor your liquid intake.

  • Injury / Illness / Sitting out:  Sitting out of rehearsal for any reason is NOT allowed unless prearranged with the director.  If you are truly ill or injured, you may be granted a temporary opportunity to sit out briefly and again, each individual instance must be arranged with the director.  If your injury or illness is such that you simply can’t rehearse, you may be sent home.  If the problem continues, you will likely be removed from the performing ensemble for the rest of the season.   

  • Confidence:  Everybody makes mistakes – make yours loud and proud.  Perform everything as if you are doing it right so that staff can correct you as needed.

  • Pride:  Very few people get to do what you do.  Practice and perform to your highest ability and take pride in all that you do.  And let the world know how proud you are!



  • Appreciation:  Show appreciation to those who sacrifice on our behalf, regardless of what they’ve provided for us.  Even poor housing is still a roof over our heads.  Say “Thank You” genuinely and often to staff, chaps, other members, and anyone how helps us out.

  • Citizenship:  Clean up after yourself!  You are a young adult – don’t leave a messy table at meal time, don’t leave your stuff in the bathroom, don’t leave garbage on the rehearsal field and around the housing, and don’t make a huge mess around your bed!  Clean as you go and represent us well in our community and beyond. 

  • Buses:  Your assigned seat is your seat and no matter what you are doing, you’ll sit in it without question when asked.  Also - lights out means lights out – no talking, moving, or goofing around.  Fraternization on buses is NOT ALLOWED and will be punished severely.

  • Housing:  No students may leave the housing for any reason at any time without informing staff or chaps unless they have been specifically ordered to do so.  

  • Other Groups:  Regardless of how you like their shows or even how they act, the members of other corps and groups are just like you.  They work hard, they enjoy this activity, and they’re trying to make the most of themselves and their season.  Involve them in your activities if possible, don’t ever bad-mouth or antagonize them, and overall just give them the same respect you feel you deserve from them. 


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