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Shadow's coordinator/caption head staff includes a number of educators with experience as clinicians, consultants, adjudicators, and guest artists. Getting expert outside feedback for your ensemble in a virtual clinic setting or having a guest consultant on your design team are excellent ways to keep the learning experience fresh for your students, whether benefiting from another experienced opinion or providing opportunities for your students to learn from ever more perspectives. During the current lag in hands-on/experiential learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these alternative approaches are more and more important to a program's health and continued growth. We are committed to helping as much as possible in your ensemble's journey toward better comprehension, expression, and performance.

Click below to send an email to one of our coordinators/caption heads regarding setting up virtual feedback, consultation, clinics, or more!

Rebecca Compton-Allen - Corps Director

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Organizational Leadership, Member/Staff Well-Being, Restorative Justice

Eben A. Fernando Heldreth - Brass Co-Coordinator/Operations Director

Concert, Jazz, Marching, Winds, Conducting, Leadership, Show Design

Tim Heichelheim - Brass Co-Coordinator

Concert, Jazz, Marching, Winds, Show Design

Tom Reimer - Program Consultant

Indoor Percussion, Adjudication, Marching Percussion


Zackary Watson - Percussion Coordinator

Marching Percussion, Indoor Percussion, WGI Consultation and Pedagogy

Jessi Vaughan - Front Ensemble Caption Head

Concert Percussion, Front Ensemble Percussion, Chamber Percussion

Matt James - Battery Instructor

Concert Percussion, Marching Percussion, Indoor Percussion

Stephen Patterson - Visual Coordinator

Marching, Body Movement, Visual Consulting

Anthony Khong - Visual Caption Head

Marching, Body Movement, Visual Consulting, Show Design, Conducting, Vocal Pedagogy, Program Logistics

Morrice Boutan - Guard Co-Coordinator

Guard Technique, Dance, Weapons [Rifle, Sabre], Flag, Winter Guard Consulting

Corinne Milette - Guard Co-Coordinator

Guard Technique, Dance, Weapons [Rifle, Sabre], Flag, Winter Guard Consulting