Shadow DCI Schedule Page (TBA)

Shadow Performance Schedule List (TBA)

How to SYNC / ADD / SUBSCRIBE TO this calendar:
1) Go to your Google account (or whatever service you use for a Calendar)
1a) If you have no such thing, make a Google account
2) Go to the Calendar
3) Go to "add a calendar."  On Google this is "add a friend's calendar."
4) Enter our gmail address:  shadowdbc[at]gmail[dot]com
OR, on your device:
1) Go to Mail, Calendars, Contacts
2) Go to Add Account
3) Go to Other
4) Add Subscribed Calendar
5) Paste this link:
This is required of all members and families - please do it today!
It's important that you SYNC / ADD  / SUBSCRIBE TO the calendar rather than just IMPORT the events.  You need to be able to see the CHANGES in real time. :)

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